How I Learned to Read Their Poker Hand (Works Every Time)

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This is how I learned to read their poker hand blind. If you want to become a poker hand reading genius, just try this simple trick!

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How I Learned to Read Their Poker Hand (Works Every Time)

10 thoughts on “How I Learned to Read Their Poker Hand (Works Every Time)

  1. Are you good at reading their hand? Also, if you're tired of losing at poker, watch this before you play another hand:

  2. Good content!!! I can't agree more! 2 months ago, I played a live tournament Day 1 and folded a set of 8s on the turn because the villain check raised me all-in. He and I was the chip leader at the table as well as during that stage of the tournament. I showed him my big lay down and Yup…he showed me his straight. I ended up at top 10% and advanced to Day 2 and cashed out at 16th place got $29xx. Buy-in was $125๐Ÿ˜…. I learned a lot watching your videos and sometimes it tells me i'm on the right track of becoming better and better! Thank you Nathan! ๐ŸŽ‰Cheers!

  3. I agree with Nathanโ€™s contention that no one plays super-ridiculous hands anymore in his poker environment. But thatโ€™s why I play live games. I am utterly delighted with the vast legions of utterly passive players who will follow me to the river with bottom pair or on a quest for a two- or four-outer. โ€œI know you have me beat, but I have to call youโ€ is something I heard last night. Yes, you do! In a live game, I can control the mood with friendly banter, cleverly interrogate my opponents to gauge their reactions and elicit tells. This is the old-time poker concept of working a table that I fear is being lost as we continue further into an isolated online existence. And I do like my promotions, free food and bad-beat jackpots. ๐Ÿ˜

  4. Over calling in this exact kind of situation has been my biggest leak for a long time. I have worked hard to learn discipline and to fold when I have marginal hands like one pair, and the villain is showing aggression. It has had a drastic improvement on my tournament results. I still have to work on it. The last tournament I played I finished in second. I worked to take the chip lead heads up and over played a small pair when the player showed aggression. I ended up doubling up the player and busted a few hands later. The fact that execution is key has never been more evident.

  5. This is right where I am now: I was a Fish for a week, Nit for 6 months, now in my 2nd month trying to rise above Weak Regular. It is all Psychological at this point.

  6. Nathan. Every player type will raise with a set on the turn….90% of my losses come from this type of situation.

  7. Nathan, though the content of this video might seem so simple and obvious to some, the "Execution must follow knowledge" part makes it one of the best of your videos ever in my humble opinion.
    In fact, no matter how good we "think" we are, it'll always be some moments where Human nature takes over, and that's when the emotional side of this game makes us or break us.
    Thank you so much man …

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