How Many Cards Do You Need To Use in PLO?

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How many cards do you use when playing Hold ‘em or Pot Limit Omaha? If you’re a PLO beginner this might be the most important poker concept to remember!

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While you might get to use your choice of 2, 1, or 0 cards from your hand in No Limit Hold ‘em, in Pot Limit Omaha you MUST use 2 cards from your hand.

As a new PLO player, this means you need to avoid the common beginner mistake of thinking you have a flush when you have three or more of a suit in your hand with two on the board.

Plenty of beginner PLO players have lost their stack thinking they have a full house with trips in their poker hand and a pair on the board.

Do NOT forget this important poker concept!

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How Many Cards Do You Need To Use in PLO?

8 thoughts on “How Many Cards Do You Need To Use in PLO?

  1. First time i played plo i got took because i thought i had a flush. Learned the rules forever after that.

  2. that "its not enough" line at the end is soo funny to me for some reason XD…good way to illustrate missed draws in PLO

  3. We don't need phil galfond to explain that kind of stuff. It's like have a top chef explaining how to boil water

  4. I always had issues with my hand in PLO thats why i dont like it very much i was mislead many times

  5. I found this video a little confusing, I don't play much PLO, but isn't it the same as holdem where if there is say 5 hearts on the board a-5 and your hand is 4 clubs (any), your hand is still a-5 straight flush right? You don't NEED to use 2 cards? I don't play enough PLO to know and you kinda imply it

  6. Really not liking your content phil. Your tone of voice and the pace at which you speak is extremely annoying. Maybe have someone else talk in the videos ??

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