How Many Hours do TOP Poker Players Study?

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How often do top poker pros study? You might be surprised to find out! Let poker pro Phil Galfond explain how study habits vary for top poker players.

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Some people might be surprised to hear that poker pros have different levels of study, from not studying at all while playing at the highest levels to studying more hours than they play.

Like almost all things poker study related, it really depends on how you learn best and the place you are currently at.

Phil points out that poker pros might even have different habits based on the situation, if he’s playing an opponent he is often doing a certain amount of study related directly to them which he varies based on whether they are actively playing or not.

If this poker tips clip shows anything it shows that you as a poker player should be varying your study habits and finding what works best for you, it’s what the best poker players in the world do!

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How Many Hours do TOP Poker Players Study?

4 thoughts on “How Many Hours do TOP Poker Players Study?

  1. Raul Gonzalez use to study 6 hours a day that was the most I have heard, but most interviews from people including Malinowski (limitless) say 2-3 hours.

  2. In earlier days, I played a ton and hardly studied, but nowadays, I almost never play outside the WSOP.

  3. I remember the games were so easy to beat 15 to 20 years ago. Now I'm usually one of the weaker players even at $2/5. Seeing how much study and work it takes to stay a winning player nowadays makes me happy I went broke years ago and decided to go back to school instead.

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