How Much Should I Tip The Dealers In Poker?

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A general discussion of how much to “tip” in poker and how much it effects your winrate.

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How Much Should I Tip The Dealers In Poker?

10 thoughts on “How Much Should I Tip The Dealers In Poker?

  1. You just said in this video that you don't go to house games not often. So most of your knowledge of a house game is from what you heard. I can tell you exactly how it is

  2. Did this guy actually call in because he tipped $15 out of $1500 pot? Seriously wow! I seen people too hundreds of dollars

  3. If you only tip a pot over 100 the dealers in Chicago will make sure to over rake you and take some for themselves

  4. You keep saying that! Europeans tip better than Americans here! What you're saying is false!

  5. Now you made me angry! What you saying is totally untrue! I work for tips for most of my life. The people who don't tip are Americans in America! Yes maybe another countries in Europe they don't tip . But the Europeans who live in America tip better than Americans

  6. I've dealt blackjack and poker and I play. A friendly dealer goes a long way. When I win big pots I break guys off properly. More so in a home game. Or at blackjack you offer to put the dealer in the game thats what I always wanted.

  7. what about tournament tipping different finishing places and winning amounts what is proper tipping if you do

    I was a tipped employee for well over 15 years. I have served tables, tended bar and dealt poker. I firmly believe that tipping should be a function of the work done, not of the overall check amount. For instance, why is it necessary to tip 20% on a $200 dinner if the server has done the same amount of work as the guy at Applebee's who was run ragged by a table for a $25 dollar check? They both did the same amount of work, why does one make $40 and the other $5? I get that there are other things to consider, like tip shares for bussers and bartenders, but IMO those should not exist either. This correlates to a dealer. I believed that the amount of the tip should reflect the amount of time the hand took. I was always OK with a dollar on any hand. I never expected a tip when the pot was small, the blinds were chopped, or it was taken down pre. Now, if I am dealing 5-10 and you win a 5k pot after tanking for 5 minutes and the overall hand took 7-8 minutes, I might expect more than a dollar. I wouldn't be upset or let it affect my dealing either way.
    As others have pointed out, the best dealers make the most money because they know they're going to make more money the faster they deal. This is good for the game. The crappy dealers deal slow and make less. They eventually weed out. I have been locked in for an hour before in a 3-6 limit game that was HEADS UP and they were both dead stiffs. I did not deal so fast for that hour.

    Now, I will tell you what other dealers won't. I don't know what other dealers make, but the average dealer makes around 50k or so a year where I dealt. Keep in mind that we only ever got 10 days of vacation a year, and to make the most money you will have to work from 9p-5a and say goodbye to weekends and holidays. In terms of customer service, you get better service if you tip. You may not think that this applies to poker, as we have to follow the rules of the game, but it does. I would always give the good tipping players a little more latitude than the stiffs. We take a lot of bad as dealers, but we put up with it mostly because we do not want to cross a player who tips. Once a player does not like a dealer, whether it be for a legitimate reason or for that 1 outer they put out on the river to "make you lose", that player generally never tips that dealer again. This is sort of why we have a floor person. There were many instances where I knew what the correct call was, but I called the floor over to make the call so as to not make any players angry. If you were a stiff, I am making that call and keeping the game moving right along. You will have to stop me and ask for the floor to get it in that case.

    I also did try to reciprocate. I was a player too and I would give a lot of action to the players I dealt to who tipped well. I would buy them drinks (not free here) at the casino or if I saw one out at a bar or gentleman's club. I also tipped the dealers very well.

    A few of the largest tips I have seen: We have had several dealers deal the bad beat at over 200k (one was over 400K) and I have seen a few players tip 5k chips to the dealer. Funny story but I dealt one too, unfortunately, I made "only" around $250 for mine b/c the guy who won the big end of the jackpot had a warrant out for his arrest and was taken into custody and paid in handcuffs in the gaming office. I never got a tip from him. Terrell Suggs was in town for a football game and threw every dealer a $100 chip on his way out. Other than that, I have been tipped $100 on a hand twice, both by the same player. The most I have ever tipped a dealer was $25, but I don't play above 1-2 or 1-3. I would tip more if I took down a tournament or something but I don't really play those.

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