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Hey, I’m Nikki Numbers. I’m a professional poker player and one of the most common questions that I get asked us how much to tip the dealer. Now, there’s two situations in which tipping dealers regularly occurs. One is in cash games and the other is in tournaments. We’re going to address tournaments first because that’s very straightforward. A standard tip is 3%. 3% of whatever money you make in the tournament you tip to the dealers. The thing is that in most tournaments your playing, they are already withholding 3% for the dealers, so when the casino or the poker room already withholds a tip for the dealer, any tip you do is just a token amount, it’s a gesture or it’s pure generosity. By all means send the dealer your entire winnings in the tournament if you want, that’s entirely up to you.

Just like in a restaurant tipping is of subjective endeavor. So while 3% is a standard tip for dealer’s in a tournament, just like 15% or 18% is a standard tip for the wait staff in a restaurant. Many people choose to leave more and many people choose to leave less. Now, in the case of a tournament I really suggest you always leave 3% but as I said the house usually holds it for you so anything you tip on that would just be for excellent service or because you’re feeling particularly generous. Now, cash games on the other hand, tipping is much more frequent. It standard to tip every single time you win a pot regardless of how big or small the pot is. However, what most people get wrong is that they tip relative to the size of the pot when they should.

The dealer performing the same job every single time they deal whether you win the hand, lose the hand, win a huge pot, or loose a huge pot the dealer had absolutely nothing to do it, they were just controlling the cards. They didn’t control the outcome of the hand, so you should tip a consistent amount.

When you’re playing cash games like one to a limit or two five no limit or even five ten the limit and higher. A dollar tip per head is fair for the dealer. Most dealers get out around 25 hands per hour so if everybody’s tipping the dealer a dollar they’re going to make a very good wage. Most people make the mistake of tipping more when they win a big pot and not tipping at all when they win a small pot. If you just tip the dealers very consistently, they’ll be happy. If you want to tip generously, then two dollars for every hand you win would be really generous. Anything above that would just be purely benevolent. However, it’s important that you keep in mind that when playing cash games the hourly win rate that you make is directly affected by the amount of tips that you give, so if your regularly tipping five and ten dollars a hand for a big pot it could completely keep you from being a winning poker player.

That’s okay if you’re not focused on winning, maybe you’re playing poker for the entertainment or the social aspects or for whatever reason you’re playing the game. If you want to tip by all means go ahead and tip. However, just note that that directly comes out of your hourly win rate.

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How Much You Should Tip the Poker Dealer | Poker Tutorials

10 thoughts on “How Much You Should Tip the Poker Dealer | Poker Tutorials

  1. I think it's really fun to let the dealers enjoy in some of your success. Tipping is definitely relative to the stakes you are playing. If you are playing 1-2 NL then tipping the dealer 1$ on your decent or big pots is good, and the 10$ pots, not tipping is not rude. If you are playing 2-5, and you win 400$ or more, I like to tip 2$. If I win 1000$ pot or bigger, I usually tip 5$. If I were playing 5-10, every winning hand would tip 1$, and medium sized pots 2$. The big pots in 5-10 would get into some 2k and bigger pots, and some of those hands would be tipped 7-8$. If I was playing 10-20 or higher, all the big pots would be tipped 10-15$

  2. i usually tip after i'm done with the game or leaving, and the amount i tip while i take my leave depends on how much i won that day. unless i get cleaned out

  3. So dealers in high up tournaments are millionaires right? 3% of a 10,000,000 total pot is $300,000 and that’s one tournament!

  4. I won't tip the dealers everytime i win a pot. By that I lose power from the table. In the end if i have won a certain amount i will give him as much as i think he deserves.

  5. I am just finishing up the 2018 WSOP and I've seen this video several times over the last 2 years. Every time I watch it my contempt for Nicky grows. So many people vilify WSOP dealers for inexperience and mistakes. For the most part that is very true, but ask yourself why that situation exists. Could it be the fact that every year the down rate for tournaments gets less every year, and the same for tokes in Live along while the abuse that goes with it increases.
    Every year fewer veterans come back and the gaps have to be filled with dealers fresh out of school. A lot of dealers come out of town to deal the WSOP and we keep getting asked what the WSOP does for us to come…here's the answer 0.000. I pay more to stay in Vegas than I pay rent where I live. I have to keep paying all my bills and find someone to watch my cats. It used to be worth it, but now it isn't because of the falling down rates and increasing expenses.
    Following Nicky's advice has caused the Vets to stay home and the quality of the dealing at the WSOP to degrade. It's just not worth the expense and aggravation to deal the WSOP anymore as an out of town dealer. Two players were having a conversation at a 20-40 Limit Omaha game I was dealing in Live and it concisely defines why everything Nickys says in this video is absolute BS. This guy was sitting in seat 5 talking to someone next to him. Here are just 2 of his ignorant comments:

    1. They ought to send the new and "bad" dealers to tournament and send all the good ones here……..
    It just doesn't occur to this 'rocket scientist' that the tournaments are the reason for the very existence of the WSOP and the best dealers are dealing final tables and high buy in tournaments. What he doesn't realize most of all that dealers make more in tournament than dealing cash and take far far less abuse. He should also know that we do have a limited choice when it comes to assignments and that most dealers choose tournament or satellites until they run out of spots. A few of us volunteer to deal cash but most of the dealers in Live were forced to go there when the choices were gone. 95% of the dealers hate going to Live and a few have abandoned their jobs rather than go there.

    2. I could step in and deal better than any of the dealers here……
    I won't even bother to elaborate how utterly ignorant this statement is. Though, I would surely enjoy watching him try.

    What really pissed me off about this video was Nicky saying that we only deserve $1 per hand for cash. Well. if you want to toke minimum tips for dealers working for min wage don't expect premium service from an experienced dealers who can make more dealing at Indian casinos in rural America. Don't expect dealers to come back to deal to you after you've low balled them and verbally abused them.

    And to Nicky…..GFY

  6. Everyone nowadays has a damn tip jar. How about do you job and get paid from your employer. They should change the name "tip" to a "fee" since it feels like you're obligated to give one. Now, i'm not cheap but I have a problem with this whole "tipping" culture that we have created. If I go to the casino and I lose 3K and than I win a 3K jackpot, i;m sorry but i'm not tipping. That 3k is really a loss since i will have to pay taxes on it, so that really puts me down.

  7. 1 buck a hand is horrible..i agree with all you said but that..bacause many dont think at all…so if only tippers gave a buck..they would make 15 an hour the other 10 hands nothing..and lets say every player all year long who won a hand gave a buck a win.. after taxes and everything out that check..they might get 17 to 18 an hour..could you say you make a good living on 18 an wife and i do more than that and we dont have alot extra..a dollar a hand on a 2 4 limit a hand would be fine..but 5 10 nl game and you tip a sorry but i tip better if i get a big pot..a big pot means you killed someone or a few players.when they win a hand..they might not give anything because they got waxed..if i win a 20 buck pot..a buck is fine. 100 dollar pot 3 or 4 is fine..but if im in a nl game and i win a 2000 profit pot..i will throw at least 20 or 25 bucks..if you cannot afford a great tip..most like you cant afford to play..sorry no capital letter and i have any mistakes..oh well. i am just typing and hate large post..i ask all player to tip well and this will keep poker alive..a happy dealer is a generous dealer

  8. Everyone tips and the casino gets to continue to rake in the benefits of cheap labor. Everyone stops tipping and the dealers leave or go on strike, forcing the casino to offer them a better wage.

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