How Self-aware Are Elite Pros?

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Being self-aware is going to save you a lot of money and help you improve your poker game in various ways. How? Let’s discuss!

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It’s easy to tell from their actions that Elite Poker Players are usually self-aware. Whether it’s by understanding your own weaknesses in poker strategy or mental game and improving upon them, or understanding when a game is no good for you and leaving, Elite pros utilize self-awareness to not only rise to, but also to stay on top of the poker world.

It doesn’t matter if it’s pot limit omaha or no limit hold em, be aware of your weaknesses and watch more Phil Galfond videos to improve!

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How Self-aware Are Elite Pros?

4 thoughts on “How Self-aware Are Elite Pros?

  1. “One of the reasons why I am the best in the world is because I refuse to play against players that are better than me” -Ike Haxton

  2. Started building my bankroll last month in 25NL and needed this.
    Im driven by my ego a bit and say "I can beat these guys" but in reality I should just move tables and find a weaker game.

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