How to Beat LOW STAKES Every Time (Just Do This!)

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Use this stupidly simple strategy to start beating low stakes poker games every single time.

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Also, the poker strategy advice in this video is for educational purposes only. If you choose to play poker for real money, please always play responsibly and within your limits. Please be aware that most people lose at poker in the long run. Only a small percentage of people actually make a significant profit from poker.

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How to Beat LOW STAKES Every Time (Just Do This!)

10 thoughts on “How to Beat LOW STAKES Every Time (Just Do This!)

  1. Are you beating low stakes poker games yet? Also, here is the simple Texas Holdem strategy that TRIPLED my profits lately:

  2. Best video, true. Guaranteed to win long-term.
    I've tried and I still do only life poker 1/2, 1/3, 2/5.
    Works 100% all the time. If players noticed I played to strong of range and I don't get action, I just change table or casino. I don't play online a lot, I don't have experience online.

  3. Two small questions. First in low stakes a lot of players just call the blinds. What to do when I am in BB or SB, nobody raises and I do not have a good hand? Pass or Check(cover the rest of BB? Second, in low stakes tournaments there is someone who goes All In from the first hand with almost any hand and most of the times one or more players will call. If I have a strong hand, what is the proper action? Thanks.

  4. Most people in my player pool are there to gamble. They play almost every other hand and there are usually 3-5 people going to the flop. It’s hard because with so many people just wanting to gamble and see a hand, someone is bound to hit the board, and they do. Then they don’t go away no matter what you bet. I lost top pair/top kicker to a guy who played 2-4 off suit and flopped a boat.

  5. Tight is right ..if your playing losing poker , tighten up that is the cure for losing!!♦♠♣ ♥

  6. The looser your opponents are the looser you should play, your goal is to just play a ranged tighter than them at all times but not be a complete nit. Furthermore all this talk about keeping your foot on the pedal and trying to win the hand is rather counterproductive, your goal is to win money not win hands. You need to bet in such a manner that you will get your opponents to call, the strategy prescribed here seems intended to get your opponents to fold, all this talk about " showing them you're serious ". You don't want them to think you're serious, that's not how you get calls.

    Barreling for 75% pot is also a mistake because it only works if your opponent connects well with the board, which most of the time they will not. You should actually lean more towards betting 30% of the pot in order to keep their ranges wide. Now they will feel compelled to call with almost anything, sometimes nothing at all Just desperately trying to improve on the turn or river. This will also help avoid any costly mistakes when you're being trapped because eventually they're going to have to put in a big raise to get some value from their hand since you've kept the pot so small.

    Finally, by betting small for value this means that you can also bet big as a bluff, since we know that your opponent is going to try to protect his hand against your tiny bets, if all he ever does is call that means he never has better than a single pair enabling you to push him off later in the hand

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