How to Get Good at Poker Fast (Just Do This!)

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Here is my simple 6-step formula to get good at poker fast. 99% of poker players never understand this.

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How to Get Good at Poker Fast (Just Do This!)

10 thoughts on “How to Get Good at Poker Fast (Just Do This!)

  1. Did you get good at poker fast? Also, here are the 5 simple poker tips that have SKYROCKETED my winnings lately:

  2. Talking about bad beats, I often run into them. I see players going in with 2-10 or 8-6 and still make a straight against me. But I'm used to it. Just play the game as is, I always say.

  3. Just curious if you still make the most of your income from poker, or from poker training? Not that I'm doubting your skills, just wondering if the environment has changed so much that making a decent profit at poker is so much harder today than it was when you were most profitable a few years ago.

  4. I've said this before and I'll say it again, if I had to pick out just one thing that I REALLY hate about Poker – or most card games for that matter is that they rely too much on pure 'chance!' And before everyone tells me to go do something else then (and I can understand why they'd say that!) can I just say that – chance or not, I DO enjoy the game! We Humans are a weird lot, aren't we! LOL

  5. These obviously take a lot of time to plan and film. For the love of all that is decent, please take another 90 seconds for each video, and just choose a frame FROM THAT VIDEO that you feel captures your intent. These recycled backgrounds and headshots from what seem to be half your life ago just make me think I've already seen it. If I had a main event buy-in for every Heart-King Diamond-Ace Spade-Four flop you seem to be distressed by in your video title screens, I'd be a very happy man, and may have even cashed a few times.

  6. 8-minutes of truth-bombs. Before you dive into "ranges" and "hand-reading"…play good cards…from good position. It's boring as watching paint dry, but it will pay off in $results$.

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