How To Play Poker Like A Pro | Red Dead Redemption 2 Valentine Poker Table

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In this video I show you how to play poker like a pro. We eliminate everyone at the poker table in the town of Valentine. RDR2 has many activities and playing poker is one of them. Red Dead Redemption 2 poker is actually very realistic. Just wish we could make more money on it. Players so far only had about $2.50 as starting stacks. This is how to win at poker.

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How To Play Poker Like A Pro | Red Dead Redemption 2 Valentine Poker Table

10 thoughts on “How To Play Poker Like A Pro | Red Dead Redemption 2 Valentine Poker Table

  1. To all the haters who dont understand why I do what I do…I break all players betting blind…bow down haters.

  2. Poker used to be fun, but everyone folded anytime my hand was good and all ined whenever I had trash. Leaving the gambling "challenges" the only thing between me and a trophy.

    Really nice to know R* implement cheating against you while also removing the cheat feature the first game had. Real cool gome

  3. Gentlemen l think l found the bug of poker.. first put 60 cent then go all in and l always win 🤣 really it heppens every game

  4. Can someone explain why at 7:29, when arthur calls a side pot is made? I'm still learning poker.

    Does it have to do with covering the other guys bet for him?

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  6. I enjoy poker more in red dead redemption 1, just because I can cheat to get a flush or a straight, and the odds were better, this game literally cheats against you

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