HOW TO STREAM POKER on Twitch using OBS studio

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In this video Drew shows you how to get the ball rolling so you can begin streaming your poker games live to twitch!

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HOW TO STREAM POKER on Twitch using OBS studio

10 thoughts on “HOW TO STREAM POKER on Twitch using OBS studio

  1. Do you need a dedicated GPU? Or will integrated graphics capabilities with CPU suffice?

  2. I've been using OBS for years, this is the BEST poker streaming tutor I have EVER watched! – great job, man! – Better than OBS did!

  3. How do you create an overlay? Like is there a creator studio or something to set up how you want you buy ins amount to Be, cashes, small pictures etc? Can this be done on OBS?

    Not sure if you covered it maybe I missed it?

    Btw very good tutorial like so in depth and clear, if you haven't already done a hardware set up you should, would be cool 😎

  4. Having rewatched as you suggested yesterday, Drew, I now have latest follower set up. Easier than I thought. 🙂 I presume your social media bits at the top are part of your overlay are they? That's what I'll be attempting next but alerts and also a timer showing how long I've been streaming but I'll get there sooner or later I hope … probably later lol. Anyway thanks. Most helpful.

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