How To STUDY Poker [With Lexy Gavin-Mather]

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Learning how to study poker is a vital skill in your journey to becoming a winning poker player. There is a lot of information out there to improve but you need to understand your own game and learning patterns in order to build an effective study plan!

PokerCoaching coach and poker vlogger Lexy Gavin-Mather walks you through all the necessary steps and tools you will need to become effective when studying and trying to improve your poker game.

It is important that you are constantly studying and reviewing poker hands that you have played. Remember that you might be making mistakes in some of the small pots as well as the big pots so make sure you are finding leaks in all aspects of your game.

Lexy talks through her 4-step study plan that she uses to help improve her poker game on a regular basis. Make sure you are constantly writing down your game’s weak points so that you know what topics to work on in the future.

0:00 – How To Study Poker
0:46 – Hand Tracking System
1:47 – Actively Observe At The Poker Table
3:00 – Hire A Coach
3:36 – Join A Poker Group
4:46 – Write Down Your Hands During Live Poker
5:07 – The 4-Step Study Plan
7:02 – Study Map
10:20 – Poker Software
11:25 – Poker Equity Calculator
13:52 – How To Study Poker

On this Poker Coaching channel we cover a weekly poker topic to help improve your poker strategy!

In order to take your poker game to the next level it is vitally important you learn all the nuances of the game.

Do you know what ranges of poker hands you should be playing from each position? When should you 3-bet, call or fold? When is the right time to make a hero call or a huge bluff? Do you know how to play preflop, flop, turn & river effectively and how should your poker strategy change depending on the street? What difference does it make if you are playing multi-way vs heads-up?

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How To STUDY Poker [With Lexy Gavin-Mather]

10 thoughts on “How To STUDY Poker [With Lexy Gavin-Mather]

  1. What do YOU think is the weakest part of your poker game? 🤔

  2. hi lexie- my name is gari and i have 35K kids- green blonde big feet stretched v frame (like daniel shows) tapered front teeth double jointed they smart i have lots of kids like phil phil phil and phil- phil may not like it but dna dont lie- i live in a abusive situation- they cheat they wont let me- i havent played any kind of holdem in years never heard of what range u put me on or what was blocked- im trying to be the most tightest- lets do a forum fuk u HURRY UP all your money- what happened with me was that i tended to finish 10th about seven and a half times out of ten- online that means lots of grinding for money back- i read lately that payouts can go to 15%- i tend to last a long time and be low stack at the final table and then im extra good at racing which can make me into a big stack – all the time u so tight so now u all in? so> bet first bet last bet last bet first mix it up- u a dum u dont know how to play cards all your money- if i train> for a half hour before bed i practice shuffling and deal out table then me for 3 cards table and 2 cards me- then i read the board and probably fold my 2- stuff like 4 to a flush 4 to a straight big cards nobody keeps ten jack- and then deal another card to the table and find 4 to a straight on the 4th card or made straight or made flush or big cards- bet first bet last bet last bet first u a dumass green is the best

  3. Found that very informative. Looking forward to getting to the next level in my game.

  4. ok hi lexi- the artificial insemination cops wont let me- they want to wreck everything i do- i went to a lot of time and trouble to learn and then they wont let me- i tried i played online 40-60 hours a week online for a couple of months i learned how it is a grind i got cheated by the cops they would let me play a long time and then change me to a different table and then deal me something like ace queen and id be gone- id be playing and then id switch tables and get kicked out like an algorithm of anything what beats gary- they were kind of telling me i wasnt allowed- i would be in a tournament with hundreds of people and then somehow i would get inappropriately sat at the same table as 3 of the 10 highest chip stacks in the tourney> 3 chip leaders at the same table? all with much more chip stack- an interesting thing> i got good at 30 players at 3 tables> i kept reaching the final table even tho 5 of the 30 could see my cards- i quit- the cops wouldnt let me win and then i tried cheap entry stuff some- the conditions were affecting my game i wasnt playing right> like against a freebie with many entries?- so lexi> they wouldnt let me win but they would seat other good players at my tables- like a little visit- there is a concept u should know> these poker pros actually play in casino like how u see them play on tv- i mean> they really are that stupid- drrr daniel phil phil phil phil phil i used to live near commerce casino- did u see the video of drrr winning a million dollar hand recent? it was controversial to me but no one says- the player against drrr showed his cards to another player and then that player was saying or doing something he should not have done- whatever it was- he should have realized he was making a mistake and just shut up immediately- sometimes u need to shut up very much and let the player make his own decision- i have a joke> gabriel kaplan says a friend gave him a book as a gift around 1980- "the theory of poker"- he says "30 years later- im down 5 million dollars"

  5. Havent got time to watch right now, can someone tell me if this is useful even if ur not able to fork out stupid money on poker training tools

  6. Hand tracking system…LOL…okay, I guess that means my old school pen and paper…..Yes, that system is a must. I track them by the hour, listing each plus and minus hand in numerical order along with my table position.

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