Ignition Poker 500z Challenge – 4 Hour GRIND

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The challenge: I’ve bet $3000 that I can achieve a 14bb/100 winrate over 75k hands on Ignition Poker at 500 zoom.

After a couple of good days at 500NL on Ignition Poker, I’m starting to feel a lot better about my chances to win the challenge. I’ve definitely been bringing my A-game recently, and have been winning despite some variance.

This poker session was streamed live on Twitch – catch me live at https://www.twitch.tv/sterlingkolde, or chat to me on Discord at https://discord.gg/3cVaU7q

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Ignition Poker 500z Challenge – 4 Hour GRIND

8 thoughts on “Ignition Poker 500z Challenge – 4 Hour GRIND

  1. I'll second that comment. Any coaching I could get from ya?
    If not, any recommendations on where or how did you study to get this good?

  2. Regarding your AK hand vs 10/10,
    I think where you made the mistake was not shoving on your straight after the 10 came. You had 2 callers on the flop, at least one of them had two pair or better. Don't think both of them were calling on just a draw. So to avoid giving them a cheap card you made a mistake not playing your straight extremely aggressive. Possibly overbet. So yes, when the board paired, and the guy pots it into 2 people, that's a fold! 😉

  3. So on Ignition and global you can't use huds but can still auto import hand histories, is this correct?

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