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Hero in this hand flops bottom pair, turns a flush draw and then rivers kings up. He is against an aggressive opponent and wonders if he should check raise his kings up at the end. Watch the hand from the live stream here:

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10 thoughts on “Is He VALUE BETTING or BLUFFING? A WILD Live Stream Poker BATTLE

  1. If you are the caller in the hand are you ever considering check raising the turn & if you do get to the river by check calling are you going to raise for value?

  2. It's important to note there aren't any worse 2 pair combos in the utg+2 range. He needs to be bet calling a lot of one pair hands for this to be a good raise.

  3. I've learned something about K2 odds preflop today…🙂

    On the river what does he expect to have value with? This is nearly the perfect board for checking with 89. You have value, but not enough to bet. Or if you really have a bliffing image you may try to bet very dmsll to target a 6, but I velieve this is even too thin. That's definitely a check vack river

  4. Random comment.. they should have a game that’s the opposite of short deck and add 4 Aces to each deck

  5. Is a hand as good as AA calling a check-raise there on river? I don't think so. Hero's range has all the straights, sets, and two pairs. Don't think a check-raise is good here; if so, would need to look bluffy like a huge shove, not some value raise. He'd only be getting called by better.

  6. "He has 20 combos that beat me" LOL how many combos of Kx, AA, QQ, JJ, 1010, A9 etc villain can have which you beat.

  7. Really XR the river? We are holding the most likely K that hits the River and are TT, JJ, QQ really calling a XR to 2k? We can get value from AA and if we are really lucky something like KQ mit Qh or AK with Ah. But how many combos are that realistically against 66,33,22,KK? I would tend to XC with this hand only and rather XR with 69, which takes out the only higher two pair (K9s) he should realistically have (in the unlikely event that I was not XR it on the turn)

  8. Bart, if you could see your face when the caller said, Big Daddy Chaz had a 8 9 off. And, you say he's a pro. I've seen BDC play and he played this hand like a donkey.

  9. That’s called Merging. You should merge your range against people who make too much hero calls. Exactly like this … a big bet with a marginal hand.

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