Is Mind-Reading REAL?!

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Daniel Negreanu’s best reads makes you wonder if mind reading is real.
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Is Mind-Reading REAL?!

10 thoughts on “Is Mind-Reading REAL?!

  1. Keep in mind, Berkey could NOT have many different hands from a complete bluff to a pure value… He could only have one hand, AK! Daniel proved that!

  2. He talks like that for a reason! Watch the micro smirk when he says he HAS to have AK! Daniel then calls cause HE saw it!

  3. It’s not “mind reading” years of poker on a elite professional level who has studied the poker probability chart. 🐐

  4. I do this on 5/10 tables. Studying Daniels perception of the game ab becoming versatile in poker is key. Being versatile is probably the biggest advantage in your skill set that you can have!

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