Kicking the Game up to 5/10! | Poker Vlog 14

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From not playing that day to taking a shot at 5/10, this vlog covers an action packed day of poker!

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Kicking the Game up to 5/10! | Poker Vlog 14

10 thoughts on “Kicking the Game up to 5/10! | Poker Vlog 14

  1. Like ur rationals, what's the best day to visit playground poker room i never been there

  2. Great session man. I must admit, you're the best vlogger out there when it comes to hand analysis. I really like how you give a clear idea of the villains in your sessions. It's so vital to have that information when hearing about your approach to each hand. Many other vloggers go into their lines for certain hands with literally no information about the villains. Great job and keep up the great work!

  3. Nice value bet otr with KQo in the first hand. If he makes two pair or a Straight on the river he’s Likely to lead. Poorly played hand all around from villian.

  4. I’m currently in college and play zoom on ignition. Started last semester and have built 50 bucks into about 700. I can’t play live yet which is my goal because I’m only 20. Your videos satisfies my curiosity about live poker. Thanks for uploading

  5. Always nice to heater hard when the game gets kicked up like that, nice vlog and gl in the tourney!

  6. Great vlog! Curious what your hourly is in 2/5nl with how many hours played? You seem like a really solid player!

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