10 thoughts on “Little Poker Advice #220: What a Wonderful World

  1. I appreciate Jonathan's thoughts on stoicism much of the time but I really don't agree that we live in a wonderful world. A positive and cheerful disposition can be useful as to coping with some types of adversity, but it doesn't fix broader systemic problems like the rise of political authoritarianism, economic inequality, and climate change.
    Obviously a one minute youtube clip wasn't necessarily meant to inspire such a serious response, but I'm genuinely curious as to how you might respond.

  2. I was reporter once. I've seen terrible, terrible things. Their many wonderful things about the world and we shouldn't forget them. We have Family. We have friends. We can do a lot of things in our life that are positive. I've seen people on both sides of the political spectrum who are depressed and blame everybody for their situation. I've seen families that were dirt poor who would tell me that life has been good to me. They have each other. We can realize there are terrible situations and still go out into the world with a positive attitude. There are so many places in the world where day by day survival is a challenge. I don't live in that world. I try to stay positive and make my small slice of civilization into something that I enjoy. Or put it another way. Don't succumb to the dark side of the force

  3. Absolutely adorable and you bet ya Lil James is the Baby of The best poker player! Without a doubt!

  4. I love your poker vids, but these are my favorite content you create. Great video. Best to you and yours from your hometown of Pensacola!

  5. it would be extremely admirable if you put captions on your videos. In addition to reaching a larger audience, for example people of other nationalities who can only understand English by reading; you would also be performing the social inclusion of people who are not hearing impaired. I say this because I defend poker as an activity that generates socialization among people. Please, if possible, think about my request.

  6. He is right what a wonderful world… WE DO HAVE BABY SHARK things cant be that bad =)

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