Live Poker vs Online poker – Which is EASIER?

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Is live poker easier than online poker? Should you play more tables at low stakes online over playing higher stakes live poker in a casino or home game?

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The answer to whether live poker is easier than online poker at comparable stakes is… YES!

Finally, a clear answer in poker!

The reason comes down to how your win-rate is generated playing online poker versus playing live poker.

While playing live poker you are limited to one table and a relatively low amount of hands per hour due to physically playing with cards and having to split up big poker pots.

If you’re playing online poker you get to choose how many tables you play, different poker sites have different limits but there was one point where you could play 24+ tables on one site with relative ‘ease’.

This means that your big blind per 100 win-rate playing online poker can be a fraction of your win-rate live and STILL be either the superior choice mathematically or superior for the life bonus you get from working at home vs playing live.

There’s a lot to consider when choosing where to play your favorite card game, one of the most important things to consider is always whether you are having FUN!

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Live Poker vs Online poker – Which is EASIER?

10 thoughts on “Live Poker vs Online poker – Which is EASIER?

  1. Option to have RTA,s , solvers , multi accounting and your best friend sitting next to you with another laptop at the same table

  2. It's also to do with the fact that online the pros can gather in the same place whereas B&M casinos are always local (obviously)

  3. Its also very difficult to find a casino that spreads one cent/two cent 2 dollar max buy games.

  4. not a 1-to-1 comparison either. if you multi-table $1/2 online, you have as much in play per session as roughly a live $2/5 or $5/10 session.

  5. People multi 6 tables? Wow. The most I’ve done is 3 and when I have to play 3 hands at once, it’s overwhelming

  6. How much softer is live, at the same stakes, than online? I feel that needs to be addressed for this analysis to make sense.

  7. Live is easier. You get people visiting casinos for fun, people casually drinking, etc. Additionally, live is much slower, so players improve at a slower rate than online players. Last, creating an online poker account and depositing money is a bigger initial investment than playing live (depending on where you live), so online players might feel incentivized to try a bit harder and learn about the game more.

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