Mr Bill Poker Vlog 92 – First Ever Royal Flush!

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Mr Bill Poker Vlog 92 – First Ever Royal Flush!
WSOP Circuit at Choctaw, new Poker clubs, and a Royal Flush! Cash in and join the fun!!

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Mr Bill Poker Vlog 92 – First Ever Royal Flush!

10 thoughts on “Mr Bill Poker Vlog 92 – First Ever Royal Flush!

  1. You should be betting your AK on ace river BIG because if he has an ace, he's calling the value bet you made and a much LARGER bet…so ya, you can size up. With your flopped set of 55, when you lead out and get called, its obvious people have an ace. Check raise the turn…the A9 will definitely bet…and once she's hooked on the turn you get her whole stack.

  2. My royal flush story. The very first hand of a home game tourney, I had K 10 of hearts. Flop came out AQJ, all hearts (villain had 98 of hearts). All the chips got put in post flop. It was years ago so I dont remember the exact hand history.

  3. The right move on the AK suited with the flush turn card was for you to raise the bet on turn. You set up the river jam…you left money on the table because you were worried about a "very good player."

  4. Calling loosey with J's is good 80%. Poker is cruel, but 4-1 you do it every time. Shoving KJs is piss poor. KJ, also known as the rookie, looks pretty good but plays very bad against hands that will call you like AK or AJ.

  5. More weak play. Straddle and with rags you let all the limpers draw at you? Definite raise to like $60 preflop to thin the field and then you got to play your position strong like you got AA, not rags. You'd lose less than the $150+ you should have on this hand if you play strong and fold to a reraise!

  6. A6s UTG is a fold. K turn makes a flush and your A6 is crushed by AK! Better lucky than good is true though. Congratulations!

  7. First video I've seen of yours Mr. Bill. I love your positive energy and motivation. Keep it up and good luck. Also, congrats on your royal!

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