Multiway MADNESS on a MONOTONE Board!

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Garland gets into an interesting spot with AA having the nut flush draw. The out of position opponent suddenly leads into him on the turn after over calling on the flop. I talk through how it is extremely important to work on your hand reading ability in weird situations like this.

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Multiway MADNESS on a MONOTONE Board!

10 thoughts on “Multiway MADNESS on a MONOTONE Board!

  1. If you were the Villain in the HJ with Js Ts would you raise on the turn or on the river for maximum value?

  2. For me, the turn revealed everyone's hand. The small donk lead felt like a blocker bet, probably a weak flush. HJ flat calling behind me felt like he was afraid of a better flush. Yeah, I'm raising big on the river.

  3. I was 3 handed at like 4am 3s4s 7s8s AsKs. flopped 7 and two spades and river brings 3rd spade. 3s4s was like wtf.

  4. Why is "monotone" correct use in poker lingo here? In mathematics you would say that Qs9s3s is monotone because the value of Q is more than the value of 9 which is again of higher value than the 3. Hence the flop Qs3s9s would not be called monotone. But if you want to say that they cards have the same "color", i.e. same suit, then you would say that the board is "monochrome".

  5. Man, how many time can be say he has the nut flushes blocker? But play it SO scared

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