My Poker Winnings SKYROCKETED Once I Learned This

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My poker profits blasted into the stratosphere once I learned this simple poker trick. Try it for yourself and let me know how it works for you!

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My Poker Winnings SKYROCKETED Once I Learned This

10 thoughts on “My Poker Winnings SKYROCKETED Once I Learned This

  1. Have you tried this poker strategy? Also, here are the 5 most common poker beginner mistakes:

  2. I'm a $1/$3 player. I've been playing regularly for a solid year, since July 2022. My W/L record is bad, and I haven't had a winning streak since April. I was down $9,800, when I won $4,500 in 13 sessions (9-4),bringing it to $5,300. Now, and after playing less sessions due to the beating I'm taking, it's back to $9,800. My last losing session was two weeks ago, following a win, and I caught Covid. My friends are telling me that it's a sign to quit, and I'm considering that they may be right. I've improved my game considerably in the last 6 months, yet I feel like I lose more than the other regulars. What can I do to improve my game. What is the best way to study the game for a beginner player like me? My preflop range is tighter than most of the loose players, yet I see them winning over and over again with low equity hands that NEVER work out for me. Why am I not realizing the fruits of my labor? Lastly, my profits from winning sessions have improved greatly since tightening up my game, yet it seems impossible to put together two winning sessions in a row. I feel like the deck goes cold for me after every winning session. Please, help.

  3. My local would have hit there straight on the river and called all the way 😂

  4. What if they end up having a pocket pair that's on the river? And u just went all in?
    That bad

  5. I play hands like this more now than before, it has been more profitable. Ty 4 the videos.

  6. Nate thank you so much. Your videos have helped my game tremendously you have no idea. If you can make a video of when to stop betting on the river because I keep running into some bad beats with flushes and straights after being good on the flop.

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