My Top 3 Tips for Getting Started in Poker

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Back in Vegas and back into the thick of the action… and big pocket pairs right off the bat. We also visit the first place I lived when I moved to Las Vegas, and a couple of my favorite spots in the neighborhood: An amazing sushi place, and one of the best dive bars on the planet.

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My Top 3 Tips for Getting Started in Poker

10 thoughts on “My Top 3 Tips for Getting Started in Poker

  1. Love 🍣!! I now pan sear my ahi tuna. Whole peppercorns in olive oil n butter. Dash of cayenne pepper w sea salt and top w sticky rice. Spicy wasabi. 8 oz tuna and it is unreal. Easy to make. 15 minutes 4 rice. 2 mins to sear tuna. Addiction!!

  2. I've spent months in study… Hours online in the free sites to play NL… I keep getting knocked down to zilch in my "bank roll"… I play strong, intelligent poker… What am I doing wrong to be knocked down in the free sites? The odds state I should be ahead…

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