10 thoughts on “Open Face Chinese (OFC) poker lesson by Barry Greenstein and Shaun Deeb

  1. Guess I should have read up on the rules first. This was confusing as love 🙁

  2. love, I just got used to Holdem, and now this bad is in the house?
    loveing hell…

  3. is all chiinese poker open faced? cuz I saw a video of barry and phill playing aand it looked different is there regular Chinese poker?

  4. I was watching this and a thought to myself Barry should of up 553 middle and J9 in the back because it's easier to make a small 2 pair in the middle and hopefully get something in the back and as I'm watching …. Everything I was thinking happened only he also got quads no problemo , wow he must have watched this month's and months and years later, and must think wow I played it bad. But it takes a person like Barry to teach the game . An amateur can learn alot from watching him play #100

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