10 thoughts on “Phil Hellmuth – 11 Ways to Play Stronger Poker

  1. This whole don’t look at the cards, and bluff… good chance your opponent could see that you haven’t looked lol…

  2. For a guy that gets so much TV time, he looks like a high schooler that didn't study. I love Phil but that was so cringy. lol

  3. “I’m not a drug guy, I guess I wasn’t raised that way”. …Very interesting Phil, I guess I didn’t realize parents are raising their kids to be future “drug guys”. Phil Helmuth- …not a drug guy.
    HOWEVER… he sure is badty @ doing seminars. I hope these people didn’t pay for their tickets because this guy basically just jerked himself off for 30 minutes on stage. Then he ejaculated in their faces. What a douche bag.

  4. Great video Phil. Poker is by far one of the most difficult games to explain. They will never understand the "Poker Mind" unless you played for years.

  5. WTF is this? Some vanity project? A vehicle for dropping names? A total ego trip?

    It must be, because as tutorials go this is pure bade. It should be billed as 'An Evening With Phil's Ego'.

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