Play Out Of Position LIKE THE PROS – 1 Crucial Poker Tip

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In this video, I’m going to show you a crucial poker tip that can help you play your best from out of position. This strategy is essential for beginners and experienced players, and will help you gain an advantage over your opponents. If you’re looking to improve your poker game, then this is a tip you need to know.

0:00 — Intro
1:45 — Preflop
3:18 — Flop
3:40 — Crucial OOP Tip
8:21 — Turn
10:25 — River
17:34 — Hero decision

At 3:40 Bart gives the crucial out of position tip.

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Play Out Of Position LIKE THE PROS – 1 Crucial Poker Tip

10 thoughts on “Play Out Of Position LIKE THE PROS – 1 Crucial Poker Tip

  1. I'd just fold the river here. Looks like opponent ran into a flush and hopes I have a straight or set and make a call.

  2. Villian jams on spades cos he's reading you don't have at least a strait 🤔🤷

  3. What makes poker so great is players are playing Multiple types of poker some are the gto others that are good people readers can sometimes play by feeling or there gut we all see some wacky stuff that makes zero sense at the table

  4. The more thinking of the player (opp), the more crazy and innovative you need to get with your pure hands (polarized).
    This won't apply to most opponents, it's more of the abberation than the norm.

    Point is….stick with a good strategy and be able to do small deviations according to your opponents.

  5. Why didnt you agree on the K of Spades, J offsuit bluff ? What made you rule out this combo from villian?

  6. My guy this is the exact bet i make with both the nut flush and the nut flush blocker.

  7. I've learned one thing in the 25 years of playing holdem, and that is you will always lose if you are an unlucky person!,literally, I can flop open ended straight flush draw , run it 3x and lose every time. Flop top set, and lose to a legit 1 outer since guy to my right folded one of the 10s and opponent had pocket 10s! I run so bad lately in this current home game. Really starting to think there is some.cheating going on. Same people always finding a way to hit miracle cards way too often! And unfortunately my local casino got rid of holdem when covid hit and decided to n ot reopen the poker room! .

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