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  1. I am new to poker, i am not very good and try to learn. The comments seem to not really like the tips here. But where else should I start and look?

  2. Had pocket 99 in middle position and raised and only had the big blind call. Flop came 7,9,A. Went all in and big blind called. Glad o only had $99. Big blind had AA!!!! LMAO!!!! How do i get off of that hand?!!!

  3. Raise the KQ utg, You kill any klingons and get rid of any low pairs. If someone has a premium pair, they'll raise. Then you can duck out. If they call, then your move is on the flop. Folding it pre-flop is stupid.

  4. KQ is good in most positions. Ive won more hands with KQ in early pistions that I have with AA. gotta take into consideration what the deck is playing like and the players your up against. Ive rarely lost to good poker players. I usually lose to a callind station who calls a raise with Q6 suited and rivers a flush.

  5. in the analysis at 17:37, mr.raiser wouldve won if he did a continuation bet. rookie move

  6. Omg, I skipped part one as I've been playing since early 2000s, and watched these last three vids and took notes. Just doubled my online stack in less than an hour with these rules, and added poker sense. KK lost me a hand, but I am very happy. Took me weeks to build the initial stack. Now, not losing big hands aside from that KK. Wow. Thank you!

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