Poker bankroll management – Strategies, tips and help

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One of the biggest mistakes online poker players make is not having a good control of their poker bankroll. They play stakes that are much too high in relation to their bankroll size.

Howie will go over a few key bankroll key points that will help you decide what games you can play, and how to adjust your game selection as your bankroll goes up and down.

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Poker bankroll management – Strategies, tips and help

10 thoughts on “Poker bankroll management – Strategies, tips and help

  1. Okay, in terms of bankroll strategy, how long should you be gone from a table after going over your limits? I mean, if you lose 5% of you bankroll, and then buy back in for 5% of your new balance, and lose yet again, you've lost 9.75% of your starting bank roll, and so on. Theoretically someone could drastically change their bankroll and still obey these rules. So, what should the rule be on waiting period? Does that make sense?

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  3. Yeah, this is probably the most clever thing I have seen in the 190 books I've also read. In fact, this strategy is both new and inventive and I haven't read it in countless books. Good work.

  4. LOL! How do you find time to keep typing crap on YouTube, shouldn't you be on the $0.01/0.02 tables building a bankroll?!?!

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