Poker Betting Strategy: Playing a Big Draw Out Of Position In Cash Games

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Friday’s #HelloAlec is coming from my reader Steven. He played this cash game hand out of position a few days ago and he would like to know more about his poker betting strategy. Should he raise more on the flop with a flush draw? What about shoving on the turn? What would be your poker betting tips? Your analysis?

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Poker Betting Strategy: Playing a Big Draw Out Of Position In Cash Games

10 thoughts on “Poker Betting Strategy: Playing a Big Draw Out Of Position In Cash Games

  1. What you did was reasonable for a REG oop with a garbage hand. Not profitable by the numbers but it worked here against a tight player. Your thought process though, is a total train wreck.

  2. I like the shove because the A is a bad card for the other guys range. I guess yyou are basically a set but this is 1-2 so villain probably wasnt thinking that deep. I think on a blanker turn this would be a bad move, but check raising the flop and then checking the turn is also a strategic nightmare, so I kind of prefer to just check call the flop. then you can lead a turn like this which is probably a better move overall

  3. You should fold this hand pre flop the majority of the time. Why? Because you have better hands in your range to call with here. Also, squeezing would be fine given that seat 5 is loose and is isolating a limp. As played, the flop raise and turn jam is fine.

  4. I like your play there and here's why. Firstly, there are no guarantees, right. Just because you had a lot of outs with a big draw, doesn't mean you'd get there. So I wouldn't mind taking down the hand here on the turn. You won $150 with queen high. Also, by you putting pressure on this player, it can lead to getting you paid off by him in later hands. Some players, especially tight ones, can get tired of being pushed off hands and are prone to making mistakes after so many occurrences. They give you less and less credibility. So if you successfully push them off hands with big semi-bluffs and coin flips early on and then hit them hard with your made hands later in the game, you can create a nice set of circumstances to get paid.

  5. I think you played it well. you got a fold which is cool because you didn't have to go to show down with a drawing hand. it just kinda stinks that you had to play that out of position. But overall I liked it!

  6. I think you were better off having an overbet to shove on the turn, so even if that's not how you priced your check-raise it worked out. However, what was the plan if he 3 bet the flop?

  7. This play is so polarized, I'd have to imagine your table image did some talking for you to get a fold (maybe JJ or QQ for villain considering a 6x bet on UTG +1?). It looks like a set or a bluff running on pure panic. Good read on the villain's hand and your fold equity, but I have to imagine this hand probably put a big target on your back, and some at the table are really interested in your showdowns going forward.

  8. It looks like you have the Holy City, but all you really have is a draw and a queen high. Playing draws in nlhe is the fastest way to lose all your money.

  9. Quite a few people are saying fold pre, however, I like the call since you are getting over 2.5:1 and when you call more than likely utg will come along too.

    I like the check raise on the flop. You asked whether or not you should have raised more. This would be where you decide what you want in the end. Because if you hit you want to get his stack, but if you miss you want him to fold. Then what do you think he has, tpgk? How far is he going with that hand?

    The turn shove is pretty good. The ace comes and it could be a scare card for him. So long as he didnt hit two pair or have the nut flush draw your good. I think you have enough fold equity to justify the shove after check raising the flop.

  10. even though this hand played out in your favor with the villain folding the turn…if you keep calling big out of the position and have to pray for a miracle flop and villian to either fold to your all in on turn or you have to make your flush or straight draw if your all in gets called…I don't think this is a profitable play if you keep on over calling out of position.
    the question back to you is, in the next hand exactly like this….would you call again? or would you fold?my main concern with this type is hand is, what if villain has AQ of heart, what if he has AA or QQ and you flop a Queen, or even top pair 9s.  I would avoid these type of trap hand where you have no idea where you're at once the flop comes.  In this vid, you flopped the miracle flop but were worried the whole time from flop to your turn showed. Next time, it may be a guy with over pair and you would need to get lucky to outdraw him.

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