Poker Breakdown: How Does Bryn Kenney Do It?

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He’s the all-time money winner in tournament poker. How did Bryn Kenney get there? Hands like this one.

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Poker Breakdown: How Does Bryn Kenney Do It?

10 thoughts on “Poker Breakdown: How Does Bryn Kenney Do It?

  1. If you always call on the river if you called the turn, your opponent will adapt and only bet for value, never bluff. You must fold some turn calls in order to be balanced.

  2. Props to Bryn Kenney to find 3 barrels on this stack size, but folding the river is just dumb. You block his most likely holdings (strong Aces), you get 4 to 1, get it in

  3. This hand makes me never want to play a tournament above $500 ever again! Let me just splash around in the small pond, I'll be perfectly happy with that.

  4. Dude everyone in the comments can say all they want cuz they see the situation…go heads up againt Tan urself if u think ure good..

  5. i think with the small bet and the stack to pot ratio, he should have shoved over that weak 1-5th size pot bet on the flop, really i shove preflop, but if you flop that ace with that pot ratio as well as the bitch bet on the flop, easy slam dunk shove in , same could be said for the turn, this hand should have never got near a river spot, this was a fishy light call down, who bought that Tan into those stakes and can i have their number ?

  6. Pure domination. The best to say, Bryn Kenney completely suppress the mind of this guy! He repossess his soul!

  7. With all this knowledge on every hand(which is great to listen to) do you guys consider previous hands or scenarios that may have influenced the decisions or do you believe that isolated hands are more important

  8. don't try this play on a random opponent in a $11 Sunday Tournament…but wow…sick…

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