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Poker is a Game of Skill | Poker Advice | School of Cards

10 thoughts on “Poker is a Game of Skill | Poker Advice | School of Cards

  1. Again with this nonsense. Comparing so called “professional” poker players to professional athletes, now who’s delusional? Professional athletes ALWAYS make positive net income out of performing their job, just like a doctor, programmer…etc. Whereas the majority of “professional” poker players usually end up broke sooner or later. Even a lot of the ones you see on tv are usually either playing with someone else’s money or are associated with some website for marketing purposes. All these channels need to stop selling this pipe dream about making a real sustainable living out of playing poker. It is a gambling activity that requires skills, nothing more nothing less.

  2. If you wanna know for sure you could always play games like . They are supposed to be a fair game of skill version of poker and I still enjoy it because of the betting element.

  3. hi everyone ,if anyone else wants to learn about texas hold'em poker rules try Giizabauth Greenback Generator (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my work buddy got excellent results with it.

  4. This will never be put to rest. It's both skill and luck. More skill than luck, but still a lot of luck

  5. Lol, if you are so skilled, why not playing poker and havign a poker school? It is ultimately a game of luck with some skill component; it is most gambling because bad luck can take all away from you….

  6. Comparing basketball to poker? U can be the greatest poker player of all times and still keep loosing for moneths, which is not the case with any other non-gamblign discipline. People are being deluded because it gives profit to poker sites or people involved…

  7. Its 10% skill 90% luck. In the long run that 10% advantage might accumulate. You aren't guaranteed to make money. People want you to think there's skill so they can sell bad to you but dont kid yourself. You have two cards in your hand to deduct what your opponent might have. Well guess what? There's lovein 46 cards left unaccounted for. You can hardly deduct a players hand through calculation with that little information the skill is in understanding tells and player behavior. Casinos and poker pros want to sell skill and GTO and whatever else cause they want people to think they can game the system just like they want people to think there's 'loose' slot machines that people can win off. There's one winner. The house.

  8. If you play every hand it's 50/50 luck and skill. The thing is to recognize your streak winning or losing and bluff

  9. Looking from the outside in, this confuses me. If a game of poker is won by having a better set of cards than everyone else, and those cars are distributed randomly, after being shuffled into a random order, and it is impossible to know how good your hand is compared to everyone else, AND your only available move is to either quit or continue, then how is it anything BUT a game of luck??? It’d be like rolling a bunch of dice and hoping you get a good combination of numbers.

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