POKER LEGEND Mike Sexton Gives $1,000,000 Advice – 10 Tips to Hold Onto Your Money and Not Go Broke

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POKER LEGEND Mike Sexton Gives $1,000,000 Advice – 10 Tips to Hold Onto Your Money and Not Go Broke

10 thoughts on “POKER LEGEND Mike Sexton Gives $1,000,000 Advice – 10 Tips to Hold Onto Your Money and Not Go Broke

  1. Thank god that I hate sports, I refuse to play any game but poker, why would I play any game where I can NOT get an edge ?? I love these guys though, but sports betting is bad news.
    I recently got into poker, back in July and love it. John's books are great, I bought 2 from Amazon and plan on getting quite a few more from him. Also his videos are very good. I have a USCF Expert rating at chess, but I only play speed chess online now for fun, poker is the best game for me.

  2. Gentlemen Thank You both SOO Much for this gem of sharing pitfalls after a big score. Absolutely right on paying yourself first!! Recommendations:
    1. Get a CPA and pay taxes upfront, this helps you learn sooner how to save on future taxes and purchases.
    2. Payoff your house or renovate it if needed.
    3. Take a well earned 6-12 months break from poker to rebalance and process your new life.
    4. Split the remaining money into 5 parts: Payoff ALL debts and maximize your retirement accounts; Establish a 12 months Emergency OMG Fund and help Family; Go to School and Learn/Master a new Skill set and Consider Low Administration Fee Charities; Start Dollar Cost Averaging into 4-5 different sector stocks that you use or understand; Your Poker Bankroll Upgrade and Material purchases.
    5. Do not get LURED into higher stakes cash games, wait until your second major score.
    6. A Fee For Service Only Certified Financial Planner can help preserve your good fortune and put you on a good glide path. Highly recommend them!
    7. Try to buy material things that only appreciate in value.

    Regarding when to bring the signicant other, I would wait until I'm a contender a Second Score such as at least two pay ladders up from the money bubble. And with at least one of our parents.

    Thanks again Gentlemen, the Poker Community Grrreatly appreciates your words of wisdom. STAY BALANCED!

  3. Im stoked you and Mike get on so well and i have heard him mention your name somewhere, in an interview and recently too, cant actually remember where as I do LOTS of poker info vids as well as Educational, but he dropped your name as one of the hardest working in poker and extra knowledgable to boot. High accolade from Mike ton given his respected status, and prowess at the tables, plus he is current with the game as its moved forward, prolly gleans it all off you Jon. I wish i had met you when i was about your age Jon I would be a far better man than the one i am.

  4. Yeah the thing is 3 days straight live is the same as 1 hour 4 tables zoom……. and i think this was the funniest thing i ever said <3

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