Poker player styles

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Recognize poker playing styles

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Poker player styles

10 thoughts on “Poker player styles

  1. I think I am more of a rock because I hate taking risks. Some of the people I play at casinos seem to try looking big by bluffing alot, but I find a way to screw them over and win a good amount of money.

  2. I'm a rock myself and I win lot more than I lose. But this video only works if you have won enough and you keep playing. For example, A 8. If I only have 20 bucks and everyone has lot more than me, I fold it pre-flop, but if I have nearly 80-100 bucks in that table bcz i won a lot, then I would call or raise, kick some people off, and play as best as possible.

  3. If I win a lot, I limp in with junk hands too because of implied odds. For example, if it only costs minimum blind to see the flop, i'm in dealer button position, and I have 2 7 and I have so much money, I would limp in with 2 7. If I do hit something really good with 2 7, I can make lot more off it.

  4. For me, I play like rock but once I win enough, or won decent amount, I start doing what this video describes as "winner". But this doesn't guarantee anything. I've seen people like Phil Ivey who is loose and very aggressive and he wins in a long run than losing. Not only Phil Ivey but people like Stu Ungar, and other aggressive players with junk cards. They win MILLIONS. Then there are people like Gavin Smith, Daniel Negreanu, etc who usually calls or checks to see potential sets.

  5. hey mate. you are talking about phil ivey. not just a random "loose and very aggressive" player. he is a master of the game.

  6. I know. Phil Ivey is master of the game. His style is very unpredictable. I placed him under loose-aggressive bcz he plays with many weird hands and bluffs a LOT and is very aggressive. Phil is in his own level.

  7. If you ask me, a mixture of TAG and LAG playing tends to work best. Both are aggressive styles, so they both have that much in common. How you shift between the two depends on your image, your opponents, and of course your hands.

  8. the actual truth is you set up a table image and keep track of the image you think other players might have of you and act accordingly. if they think you are playing very tight and aggressive, it might be a good time for a bluff. if they think you are a maniac, overbet the nuts and get called. etc. i'm not an expert

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