Poker tips How to calculate pot equity

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In this tutorial, we discuss how to calculate your pot equity in texas holdem poker. Pot equity is a relatively simple equation,where you take the pot size at the time of betting, and divide it by your poker hand strength. So for example, if you were a 80% favorite to win in a pot of 3000 chips pre-flop, you’d have 2400 chips worth of equity.

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Poker tips How to calculate pot equity

6 thoughts on “Poker tips How to calculate pot equity

  1. Hi.I have seen the following example: player one was Ac 9c and player two was Ah Ks.The flop comes 2c 6c Kd.Someone said that the first player has 33% equity.Why , and how did he calculate that?

  2. Player 2 still had a lot of equity, because he had a lot of outs. 8 clubs for a flush draw = 8 * 4 = 32 % plus a 1% chance for runner-runner trip 9s. Keep in mind, when calculating equity this way, it's an approximation within a % or 2, but it's still close enough to be able to accurately calculate odds.

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