Poker Vlog Ep #3 -2/5 Poker, Poker Tips & Exciting News

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In this episode I am back at the Seminole Hard Rock and Hotel Casino in Hollywood playing 2/5. I get involved in a lot of pots, shares some poker tips & have share some exciting news at the end of the Vlog.

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Poker Vlog Ep #3 -2/5 Poker, Poker Tips & Exciting News

10 thoughts on “Poker Vlog Ep #3 -2/5 Poker, Poker Tips & Exciting News

  1. I am thinking of doing a vlog in A.C can you give me a idea how much I can make? Thanks

  2. Great video, I really like the tips and the defeat of the "jerk" at the end. The first tip about not chasing lost money is the best tip you can give anyone. Myself, I have never put another dollar on the table after buying in a high stakes game. I start with the max and play within it. If I lose it, I climb out of the hole I dug myself and go home or to a different game/casino. You need to reset or tilt is likely. Tip two is also very important, you need to be sitting in a good game. I find that the best way to do that is to find out when the first table gets started (assuming it's not a game that tends to run 24 hours). No one should have you covered and you get the full story on everyone at the table. You'll know when someone is going on tilt and how deep they are. The third tip is key, your playing with poker chips. Focus on the game and not the money. What's your theory on when to cash out? For me a lot of times it's based on what else I have to do that day. I know a lot of people dream of sitting behind a mountain of chips, but a great run can be leveled out by a bad one. I normally just ignore my winnings and focus on the amount I decided to start with. Once it's gone, I cash out. Again great video, when I get the time I'll go back and look at some of your others.

  3. Hand #2 is a terrible play. EP1 started with only 34bb's. from early position he opened for 29% of his stack. EP2 shoved for only 19bb's. you have no fold equity and you're likely crushed by EP1 considering the enormous strength he has shown, plus you have no implied odds. just throw that hand away and move on.

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