Postle & Prey with JDR & The CardFather

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‚ÄčOur commentators tonight are JDR (@kings24btw) and The CardFather (@thecardfather), follow them on Twitter!

We invite you to join us for out broadcasts on Monday’s Wednesday’s and Saturday’s from 6:30pm-10:45pm PST******* We also occasionally broadcast on other days for special events, so click the follow button so you know when we go live.

Broadcasting live from the floor of Stones Gambling Hall in Citrus Heights California,Stones Live Poker is your stop for onesie’s, pajama’s, make up tips, great wine, great food and of course….Poker!

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Postle & Prey with JDR & The CardFather

1 thought on “Postle & Prey with JDR & The CardFather

  1. for the record bryan-v-postle bryan has a double gut draw J or 7 makes a higher straight. the problem is 3 diamonds.

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