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“Preflop is the most important street in all of poker” – Matt Affleck

You make preflop decisions every single poker hand which makes them extremely important. If you make mistakes preflop then you are going to compound these mistakes by making more on the flop, turn and river.

In this webinar from PokerCoaching coach Matt Affleck he shares his best poker tips on how to study preflop ranges as well as some amazing ideas on how to memorize them.

There are a lot of poker charts to learn and memorize as there are a lot of different stack depths and positions that you will find yourself in at the poker table.

Preflop ranges are the foundation to a solid poker strategy so it is important that you learn and understand these before working further down the poker game tree!
It is important to note that tournament preflop ranges are very different to cash game preflop ranges due to ante and rake

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10 thoughts on “PREFLOP Poker RANGES [How To STUDY & MEMORIZE Them]

  1. How many hours a week do you dedicate to studying preflop ranges and why is it 0?🧐😅

  2. Why 0 because I've played hundreds of millions of hands I kinda skip spring training at this point but you never know so on the B 40bb Im throwing a pretty wide loop there

  3. It is an interesting way to counter the stolen content. This video and audio content is a better presentation than the stolen video content that is posted to You Tube. FYI some guy posted a recording of this. Just search for Matt Afflect. That guy needs removed from You Tube.

  4. Bruh, I have never studied pre flop charts/ ranges. Shows how far I have to go. Thanks for the content, JL.

  5. Just kicked it up a notch, now it's a warmup routine and I do ICM quizzes..
    The Push-Fold quizzes are fantastic, I just compare them to the general cash-game charts for 100bb ranges that I've memorized.
    I do have my own slightly-tighter charts, Im just not as comfortable playing certain offsuit hands.
    The best part about learning preflop charts is that you will always know your opponents range (depending on player-type and selection) but also you do have more confidence post-flop and you'll know how to continue.

    Boy does it feel good to be winning after you study.

  6. This is great. I play cash usually 100-200 bb. Learning this way of studying is the best just different for those depths (same range for btn nearly, but gets much tighter quicker as you bump down the position which makes sense—200bb is way more position-sensitive)

  7. Oh god do I have a lot to learn.
    I'm 62 now so unless I live another 50 yrs I'm doomed at this game.
    Great video though and I did catch some of it, but it just seems way to loose to me.
    He is basing this on a 2.5X raise but I always raise 3.5X to 5X preflop because I want the bingo chimps to pay if I hit the flop. Don't let anyone in cheap and if they stay they got something.
    My basic strategy is position, potential and utility.
    I don't play out of position and my hand must have some potential. As you can tell, I'm not a BB defender unless I got a little something something.
    If my utility is low, 20% or less, I just call and then shove the flop no matter what comes. I don't shove preflop very often because I want my opponent to think I hit and then give him the chance to fold.
    Guess that's why I'm a loser at this game. You bingo chimps just get lucky.

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