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I break down Rampage Poker’s SICK BLUFF on the recent Hustler Casino Live stream!

Rampage is known to run some crazy bluffs in huge pots, but this time he has found an opponent that is just as wild as he is! When the river brings a full house for Rampage’s opponent (who has slow played Pocket Kings!!) Rampage attempts a huge check-raise all-in over his opponent’s river overbet!?

Will this sick bluff get through? Watch until the end to find out!

Thank you to Hustler Casino Live for letting me review this video! https://www.youtube.com/HustlerCasinoLive

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10 thoughts on “RAMPAGE POKER Runs The SICKEST BLUFF Ever!

  1. IT IS NOT THE BLUFF OF THE YEAR CAUSE IT WAS JUST A REALLY BAD FOLD. With Nik under representing his hand is what got Rampage to bluff that’s all.

  2. I did with a pair of 3s. The board was 77229 and my opponent was UTG 1 and I was on the button. He had QQs. He also called my all in 82k and his stack was 81k. Talk about a sore loser. I got called every name in the book but most of all I was a big donk.

  3. Ah8h, now Ac8c, both went through Airball. As lose as Airball has been playing (with other clips), I' surprised he folded.

  4. Rampage had no idea what he was up against or he would not have attempted that bluff, that’s why it is so impressive. Nick should have realized that he slow played the hand and that rampage thought he was weak.

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