Set OVER Set – MAX PAIN For Poker Bunny!

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Two of the poker regulars from the Max Pain Monday show find themselves in a set over set situation for a rather sizable $16,000 pot!

When you are in position, closing the action and getting good odds to set mine with a deep effective stack you should be calling to try and hit!

The 765cxc flop is a miserable one for overpairs as it is extremely co-ordinated and it favors the caller’s range more than the 3-bettors. Jonathan discusses the raise size that Poker Bunny decides to use on the flop. He talks about why on such co-ordinated boards it is better to use a larger raise size to reduce the stack to pot ratio which gives you more chance of getting all of the money in by the river.

Jonathan discusses the factors you should consider when deciding to go for thin value on the river. What hands can your opponent have that you beat that will still call?

This poker hand took place during the Max Pain Monday show on the Hustler Casino Live Stream in California! In this $10/$20/$40 cash game, DJ Washburn raises to $120 from the hijack with Qd9s. Poker Bunny calls from the cutoff with 5h5d. Sia The Bot wakes up with pocket kings in the small blind and decides to 3-bet to $700. This makes DJ Washburn folds but Poker Bunny decides to go set hunting and calls, which bloats the pot to $1,600 as they head to the flop.

The flop comes 7c 6h 5c which gives Poker Bunny bottom set on an extremely co-ordinated board. Sia The Bot continuation bets for $400. Poker Bunny decides not to slow play and raises to $1,000 which Sia The Bot calls, bringing the pot to $3,600.

The turn is the Kc which now gives Sia The Bot top set. She now decides to slow down and opts for a check. Poker Bunny still believes she has the best hand decides to bet $1,300 and Sia The Bot calls, bringing the total pot to $6,200.

The river is 2h, and Sia The Bot checks again. Poker Bunny decides to move all-in for $4,950. Sia The Bot gives it some thought. Although she has an extremely strong hand, it is not the nuts which makes her think that Poker Bunny could have her beat. In the end, Sia The Bot does make the call and Poker Bunny reveals her poker hand as if she has the winner and is shocked to see the chips be pushed in Sia The Bot’s direction!

This poker hand showcases the importance of careful hand reading, aggressive play, and strong decision-making in cash games. Don’t forget to practice these skills in your own games, and good luck at the poker tables!

Jonathan Little analyzes live poker hands from TV poker shows such as Poker After Dark, Hustler Casino Live, The Lodge Poker Club & PokerGO. He also analyzes popular poker vloggers such as Rampage Poker, Brad Owen, Jaman Burton, Ashley Sleeth, Wolfgang Poker and others!

You will also find many poker hands on this channel that contain some of the biggest names in the poker world such as; Daniel Negreanu, Phil Hellmuth, Phil Ivey, Doug Polk, Garrett Adelstein, Tom ‘Durrrr’ Dwan, Dan ‘Jungleman’ Cates, Fedor Holz & many more!

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Set OVER Set –  MAX PAIN For Poker Bunny!

10 thoughts on “Set OVER Set – MAX PAIN For Poker Bunny!

  1. How would you inflict maximum pain to your opponents at the poker table? 🤪

    a) Slow Roll

    b) Needle

    c) Angle

    d) Other.. (let me know!)

  2. Max Pain can be fun, so long as everyone signed on for it. And, maybe, by sitting at the poker table, we all have? Really, other than the drama, what’s the difference if you get slow-rolled?

  3. The board is too wet, I fold. I got re-raised on flor, the straight is there, the flush is there, I paid the river to see if I get a full house. 98s were gonna call preflop as well, so it's time to fold a top set which is sad but…
    I've had a day when twice within two hours I flopped set lower than other flopped set. Never happened to me again and it hurt me a lot 😀

  4. Wrongly played by all parties. SIA should check the entire range on the flop. Poker Bunny should have made the raise larger to charge all the draws, and she is never folding anyway.

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