Should You Play Zoom Poker or Regular Tables? (MAX PROFIT!!)

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Should you play Zoom poker or regular poker tables? This is a question I get asked all the time, so in this week’s video I am going to break it all down for you.

Here are the pros and cons of playing Zoom poker and regular poker tables.

Make sure you let me know in the comments if you prefer playing Zoom or regular poker tables.

Which one do you think is more profitable?

By the way, if you missed my 6max vs full ring comparison video last week, I would also recommend checking that out.

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Should You Play Zoom Poker or Regular Tables? (MAX PROFIT!!)

10 thoughts on “Should You Play Zoom Poker or Regular Tables? (MAX PROFIT!!)

  1. Do you play Zoom or regular poker tables? Also, check out my other video on if you should play 6max or full ring:

  2. 10nl zoom is infinatly harder than 25 nl not zoom, it sounds crazy but i actually play 10nl zoom because i can learn against tougher opposition for a cheaper price, sometimes i play 25nl not zoom to build up my bankroll so i can go bck to 10nl zoom and keep learning. also were i play zoom is roughlt between 1k-5k hands per hour and normal poker is 100-150 an hour so its basically x10 speed.

  3. I play better at zoom cause I don't do stupid things cause I am bored up 2k 100nl zoom

  4. I've tried 2-tabling 2NL and didn't do too well. I then tried multi-tabling 2NL (starting with 4 and pushed it 6 tables) and I found the pace a little better.

    Zoom is a great place to learn and practice positions and openings but making more complex decisions so quickly, sometimes for stacks, can be difficult.

  5. i like more zoom but a long time i get better results on reg tables, and now only play reg tables

  6. Can we talk about the orientation of those pictures? THAT is tilting XD Thanks again Mr. Williams, this video helped alot weighing the pros and cons of zoom!

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