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SPOTLIGHT tells the riveting true story of the Pulitzer Prize-winning Boston Globe investigation that would rock the city and cause a crisis in one of the world’s oldest and most trusted institutions. When the newspaper’s tenacious “Spotlight” team of reporters delve into allegations of abuse in the Catholic Church, their year-long investigation uncovers a decades-long cover-up at the highest levels of Boston’s religious, legal, and government establishment, touching off a wave of revelations around the world. Directed by Academy Award-nominee Tom McCarthy, SPOTLIGHT is a tense investigative thriller, tracing the steps to one of the biggest crime stories in modern times.

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  3. This 2016 Oscar winner for Best Picture is a riveting and disturbing true story about ual abuse by Catholic priests, that for some unexplainable reason is still allowed to happen even as we speak! A brilliant cast, most notably Michael Keaton, plus detailed storytelling make this film a must see!

  4. "If it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a village to abuse", damn…that's a powerful statement.

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