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Welcome to my channel! Watch how I build up my Poker Game from being a Recreational Player to the best I can be!

In this video, we are playing the $1/$2 Game at Commerce Casino! We start with $80 to buy in for the max and only have to Top Off once with $20! We’re in for a total of $100 and we cash out for $233, profiting $133! Making adjustments as everyone has given me tips of how to tweak my game! Switching up my poker strategy!

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0:00 – Intro
0:41 – Strategy
1:16 – Hand 1
1:50 – Hand 2
2:50 – Hand 3
3:23 – Hand 4
5:00 – Hand 5
6:00 – Intermission
6:57 – Hand 6
8:32 – Hand 7
8:57 – Hand 8
10:00 – Hand 9
11:17 – Hand 10
12:00 – Conclusion

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  1. J9 hand turn paired board isnt a good spot to raise bluff. Ur out of position in a multiway limped pot. With the wide limped ranges in the pot, someone couldve made trips. Pick a better spot where the board isnt paired and u have a better semibluff with more outs like an open ended draw or a flush draw. No need to be really deceptive at this level because a lot of other players wont fold. So make sure u dont slowplay ur good hands. If they dont call ur raise preflop, then they had nothing that was playable. Dont get frustrated. It happens. Patience. Dont force it. Let the game come to u. Good luck in Jamul.

  2. Ill repeat what I said before. You could play like Phil Ivey it wont matter in that game because the rake is too high relative to the buyin/blinds. Its an unbeatable game. Just play 5/5 and short stack it with 200 to 300 and play tight. Thats actually beatable (for a small amount). It is still extremely soft, definitely fine for beginners.

  3. protect your cards, use a card protector/chip on top! or wait until the dealer accidently mucks your hand and then start using one. 🙂

  4. I said this once and I'll say it again poker's not a game of skill. Especially at 1/2.😅😅 but in the future if you going to play pocket kings or pocket aces in 1/ 2 at least make it $18

  5. 82 hand you def need to bet the flop. multi-way you are likely to be the only one with a made flush and you will get value from hands with a naked A,K,Qh. yes it’s polarized but they are just playing their hands, also its not a donk bet if no one raised pre. checking dark is almost never advisable unless you want to get fancy when you are going to check to the preflop aggressor on the flop (ex. BB vs CO open). also just super sus after betting turn.

    A6 is just a fold pre, if it’s suited then it’s fine but it’s such a junky ace that you may still lose if you hit an A on the board, and it has really no possibility of making a big hand that you’ll get paid with (you can make a straight on 4578 for instance but you’re only getting paid by unlikely coolers like sets etc). good cbet on the flop tho.

    i probably would have played 44 the same, not much value in betting any street, but you could call a river bet for sure.

    QJ because stacks are so shallow i don’t hate the flop action but assuming 100bb stacks flop is a pure check call imo. SB and BTN have way more 98 than you, TT was a little odd to see bc you’d expect a 3bet pre with that hand but again this is shallow stacked low stakes so it plays more like a tourney. also you have to understand that when you check raise there it is a bluff and you’re getting called by OESDs and hands that beat you and losing value from villains bluffs. top 2 is a great hand on most boards but on this one it’s a bluff-catcher.

    rake is bad everywhere but especially bad in LA, which is why it’s really raise or fold pre in these games unless there are like 4 limps in front of you. calling is lighting money on fire. there’s a reason they call these short-cap games rake traps. as a rule i never play at games without at least a 100bb max for this reason. anyways liked the vlog, hope you run good at ur next sesh.

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