The 3 Biggest Keys to My Success as a Poker Pro

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Here are the 3 biggest lessons I learned as a professional poker player. What are your best tips for new poker players?

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The 3 Biggest Keys to My Success as a Poker Pro

10 thoughts on “The 3 Biggest Keys to My Success as a Poker Pro

  1. What are your 3 biggest keys to success in poker? Also, here are the 5 hands that only fish play:

  2. It's very important to move to another table when certain players come in that you know you are just going to have a difficult time with. Sometimes you just can't though. In that case, watch for opportunities to move to a better relative seating position.

  3. come on BlackRain – at 05:00 you should have thrown that laptop and not only pretend to – Very good advice here though – I am struggling with point nr.1

  4. I agree 100%. One of my best qualities is is picking up when it's going bad. Poker will always be there. No reason to play when your miserable.

  5. Great vid, I'm the guy emailed you last week about some similar issues I was having in tournaments. I went back and watched some of the other videos on picking tables and targeting fish, I LITERALLY DOUBLED my bankroll in about 6k hands. Granted 50 to 100 bucks isnt't life changing, but indicates progress for sure. One question: How many hands do you use to determine if a table is worth staying on? I randomly picked 100, if i'm not doing well or nobody has a VPIP of 40+, I bail.

  6. Appreciate the videos. I might be able to make a real living one day applying all your concepts and experience. The info is much appreciated!

  7. If you go hours without getting cards, you will never win, especially with a short stack you can’t even bluff

  8. That’s it, getting out of bed now to head to the casino I need to be on the felt not on the internet !

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