10 thoughts on “The Blackjack System

  1. Al, great video. Will this method also work at IHOP for flapjacks? Much thanks!

  2. great . u got this doof running around loveing all the tables up playing 1 hand and screwing up everyones streaks

  3. Bunch of bullbad. Your principle of tripling units only applies to people with a huge bankroll. It obviously isn't careful betting. BIG LIE. BIG BULLbad. NO ONE SHOULD EVER TRY THIS

  4. The best system I have seen. I have tried it, tried playing the odd's and counting systems, and this system worked for me the 1st 8 times I tried it. I made well over $4000 and I agree with you guys about doubling and splitting, that killed me not doing it, but most of the times, I won by the 4th hand sometimes the 5th. It really helped getting lucky and landing blackjack a few times on the higher bets. The only variation I did was stayed at one table and in my head played roughly 80 hands then counted my winnings which were always over $500 and took under an hour.
    I also did this system 3 times in 1 day with a break after each 80 or so hands and won over $2,000. You only win about 30% of your doubles so if you choose to double or split and lose, you then find yourself not doing his system and chasing your losses which bad when we have to do that. I found his system was less stressful then my usual way of playing, and honestly I didn't risk much money. The most I ever bet was $300 which is way less then my usual risk. All I am saying is it was the least stressful way for me to win $500 quickly compared to me playing 1 hand at $500 and if I lose doubling the bet to try and be even, if I lose maxing my bet out at $1500, then doubling and losing again and those days happen way more often then losing 8 hands in a row.

  5. today is July 2019. This system bad. Whenever you lose, you gotta try hard, bet aggressively to win back just a little coins. But when you are in the winning streaks, you win $5 a time. See that ? This system is called negative progression. And it doesnt work. Try positive progression for a better result.

  6. Al good set up however in AC there are very few $5 tables if any and the limit is ,$250 max for them. They have $10 start is $4760 pretty steep and still $500 max unless you go to high limit on 1200 and $2400 bets if it gets that far. Any suggestions suggestion to use you system.

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