The MOST SWINGY Session EVER?! $188,000 Pot with Ace King! | Rampage Poker Vlog

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The MOST SWINGY Session EVER?! $188,000 Pot with Ace King! | Rampage Poker Vlog

10 thoughts on “The MOST SWINGY Session EVER?! $188,000 Pot with Ace King! | Rampage Poker Vlog

  1. Rampage should be taking advantage of his image and barreling when he has the nuts just like his bluffs, but everytime he has the nuts he always checks trying to trap and ends up getting the min. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  2. Hey Ethan, you really think you gonna knock out Dustin? He seems like in a different weight class then you. What are your thoughts as you may loose that 400k plus.

  3. Rampage I saw a video with you playing at the kennel club with those nasty chips

  4. Ethan is an extremely mediocre 2-5 player, at best. Listening to his commentary as he plays for stakes like this is like listening to a twelve-year-old child who's stolen a car and is running from the police describe his experience into the recording he's making. I've heard and watched such a video and the similarity is pretty strong.
    Ethan's reasons for doing things are "for one reason or another" or "I don't really know why" or "I just decided this time to do x, sometimes I do y or z, but I just felt like doing x".
    After a while I just find it impossible to listen to him but I will admit, the hands are interesting to watch because I play against people who play like he does and I think it helps me to fully grasp that some people are just winging it completely, aren't interested in really learning much about the game, or they just don't have much of a mind for it.
    I do understand he appears to be making a success of all this, between the YouTube and the merch and so on, and his luck at a few tournaments, though I have the sense he enters so many of them he may only barely be ahead, if at all.
    He's a likeable personality. He's charming, good-looking, and good-natured, as far as we can tell. I wish him the best, I think he's probably more intelligent than he seems when he's playing poker, but it's such a puzzling phenomenon to see him playing at stakes like these not even as well as some of the best 1-2 players in the room where I play. Honestly, not saying this to be mean, but he sounds like a real dimwit when he comments. I once watched him on Solve for Why doing that group thing where they all wear earphones and speak one by one, and each time it got to Ethan, his comments were almost always, "I'm not really sure what to do here, and I'm on tilt, so I think I'll do x," or "Well, he probably has this or that so I'm going to raise to get him off it." The level of insight just doesn't seem to develop as it does with people who eventually get very good. He stays at a very basic level of analysis and then he's forced to make his decisions based on a very limited grasp of whatever's going on.

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