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SplitSuit explains how Ace Queen hits flops and performs postflop. He uses the #poker software Flopzilla Pro to analyze both Ace Queen suited and off suit and show how they flop huge hands, draws, and single pairs. James then shares multiple tips for playing these hands preflop, understanding the differences in postflop hits, and handling 3-bet pots better. Make sure you understand the math behind this powerful hand!

0:00 Science Of Ace Queen Intro
0:23 Why Poker Players Love and Hate AQ
1:09 How Ace Queen Hits Flops
3:54 Important Ace Queen Tips


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The Science Of Ace Queen | SplitSuit Poker

8 thoughts on “The Science Of Ace Queen | SplitSuit Poker

  1. I love AQ… sadly, it almost never loves me back, in fact it seems to greatly enjoy ruining my day. I have a saying I use constantly… every queen finds her king… it is ASTOUNDING how many times I decide to go with my AQ and run smack into that AK. I'll never understand this game. LOL

  2. Hi James lhave a question for you, thank you for answering: Have you ever thought about joining the WWE ss a professional wrestler? Thanks again love your vids.

  3. I just lost all in aq vs ak cash game $150 we both flop Ace i told him AK was good before we flipped cards over

  4. Want to practice playing AQ between sessions? There are plenty of examples (plus answers!) in my new Advanced Poker Workbook:

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