The Sickest Soul-Read Of The Year? (Poker Play&Explain)

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In this video, BluffTheSpot coach and streamer Simon plays poker and explains his poker strategy, so you can improve your game.

In the middle of the video, there is a tough spot where our hero soul reads his opponent and folds a full house!

What would you have done in this spot? Would you have found the fold button?

Let us know in the comments below!

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The Sickest Soul-Read Of The Year? (Poker Play&Explain)

10 thoughts on “The Sickest Soul-Read Of The Year? (Poker Play&Explain)

  1. Its amazing how you take beat after beat after beat and still manage to laugh it off each time

  2. Great disciplined fold. 👌🏼 I am still thinking which combos villain have in his range that contain a 7 actually after calling 3b from BB at MP position. Not that many if I think of his range
    , like: 2x A7, 4x 67 and 3x 78… ? vs way more Ax combos , which make it more likely it’s a split pot. Since I don’t believe there are many bluffs in this line, I believe that calling is probably negative EV overall since we either lose our stack or split the pot…

  3. I think folding river was the right play because Simon's range was still uncapped on the river, making it less likely for his opponent to lay 165 to push Simon off a chop to win an additional 42.

  4. given the action in the AK hand if im villain im jaming all my Ax to fold out chops and put u in tough spot cuz u rarely have a 7,also he X back flop which also means he has less 7x….i think its Ax folding chops

  5. I think he only calls turn with quads so theres one combo that beats you A A. Three if he has quads 7 8 and 6 7 of spades. But still i think folding is right play because if you calling for chop you should have the nutts especially when you have put so little money into the pot.

  6. The 8 is interesting, if it was 8s then the board blocks all 87s. In addition you block A7s. I think on 8s its a call as played. Because villain could be a bluffing, since you did start with a check. He could be trying to get you to fold 99-KK or perhaps a call with his AJ. Flop play is interesting, AK is checked so few on the flop.I dont think many times a 7 is checked back here. Certainly no solver is doing that 😀

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