The Simple Poker “Stop and Go” Strategy (Works Every Time)

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Here is the easy poker strategy that is literally worth millions of dollars. All of the top pros today use this strategy against the weaker players.

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Also, the poker strategy advice in this video is for educational purposes only. If you choose to play poker for real money, please always play responsibly and within your limits. Please be aware that most people lose at poker in the long run. Only a small percentage of people actually make a significant profit from poker.

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The Simple Poker “Stop and Go” Strategy (Works Every Time)

10 thoughts on “The Simple Poker “Stop and Go” Strategy (Works Every Time)

  1. Have you tried this strategy yourself? Also, here are the 6 EXPERT level plays that all of the very best poker players use:

  2. What is the preflop action again? Hero opened the button? Lol @ anyone folding AJ to a 2barrell.

  3. Imagine being a decent player and not calling turn with AJ/AT in a single raised pot on a dry board

  4. You actually mention the possibility of the opponent's range including 7/6 (at 1:41). But then you fail to keep that in mind as the opponent traps you. The river card seals the deal, but you've completely lost sight of the opponent's pre-flop range and without any irony state "none of the draws got there" (4:55). Not the best analysis.

  5. By checking the Turn, we wish to show weakness. What about a minimum bet at the Turn to fake weakness? As a hyper-turbo sit n go player, I would tend to minimum bet because I cannot wait indefinitely for a strong hand. I would hate to waste this hand with a check-check at the Turn, followed by a check-bet-fold at the River.

  6. do you still play online in asia? which are the top poker sites americans can play while living in asia? thank you BlackRain79

  7. Stop and go was flatting a raise and then donk jamming the flop in tournies back in the day

  8. Annoying speaking cadence! It sounds like you are constantly frustrated. Bad, bad, bad! Bye!

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