This Has NEVER Been Done In Poker! [ILLEGAL?!]

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Bill Perkins very clearly announces that he has a private jet to catch and that this is the last poker hand he will be playing on this Lodge Live stream. What ensues is chaos as Bill decides to leave mid hand as Handz has a huge decision to call or fold facing a massive bet on the river from an absent Bill Perkins. Can Handz make the correct call and stack Bill as he is on his way to the airport?

Jonathan believes that Bill should have just folded facing the large 3-bet from Handz preflop. Take the $3,000 loss and go and get your flight! However if you have come to gamble and want to splash around and create entertaining poker TV then flicking in another $14,000 is not too much bother when you are a multi millionaire!

When Bill continues preflop but misses the flop it should make for an easy fold with his KJo. Handz range is much stronger on such a low board like 632r and it is hard to represent many strong made hands other than sets as Bill. However, Bill correctly recognizes that when he raises on the flop that all of Handz strong overpairs suddenly become bluff catchers.

Chaos ensues when Bill decides to check-shove over a river bet by Handz and then announces that he has to leave to make a flight which was more important to him than this $330,000 pot. Perkins puts Doug Polk incharge of any negotiations and his stack and waves goodbye to the table. Handz is left in the world of pain and has no idea what to do.

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This Has NEVER Been Done In Poker! [ILLEGAL?!]

10 thoughts on “This Has NEVER Been Done In Poker! [ILLEGAL?!]

  1. Fun fact: Bill actually opened stream on his way to the plane and was sweating the hand in the chat with everyone.

  2. It's a tough spot against basically a random hand, but small-bet/fold can't be right against Perkins. A wild man is far more likely to make aggressive mistakes than weak calls. Against this particular opponent the small bet serves no purpose.

  3. Poor Handz. Whenever I see him on one of these streams, I know he's getting a big bluff run on him or being put in a horrible situation.

  4. I try and reverse the logic. If this is a value bet what does he expect me to call with? Clearly AA is about the same as 10 10. Both are bluff catchers. What is bill trying to get value from? The only "legit" hand he is representing is A6 suited? Boats? I don't know bills play enough to say. If I thought he'd value bet differently, I'd likely (hope to) find the call. Hard to say. I know I've made calls like this in tournaments and small stakes. But geez that's a lotta dough.

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