THIS One Poker Trick Helped Me Make MILLION$ & Instagram Roasted Me For It | Poker Tips

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Whilst this tip has helped secure millions in online cashes, I got ROASTED on Instagram for it! Join today as we further dive into the concepts surround this vital mindset tip and how it can help you make BIG MONEY in the later stages of the tournament.

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THIS One Poker Trick Helped Me Make MILLION$ & Instagram Roasted Me For It | Poker Tips

9 thoughts on “THIS One Poker Trick Helped Me Make MILLION$ & Instagram Roasted Me For It | Poker Tips

  1. Totally agree with you about the money u could have ! It loveed me so many times so many wrong decisions..! Listen to this man hellped me alot with his free coach session.

  2. Buddy u haven't made millions playing poker ur not known on the wpt wsop tour ur not known in Texas high stakes that's all me never seen u ur house in the baxk ground looks badtty like just stop the cap dude

  3. "I'm not saying don't look at ICM. I'm just saying don't look at the money that's at stake." – That's a ridiculous comment. ICM IS the money that's at stake. ICM is exploiting chipstack vs. pay jump. You SHOULD be paying attention to the money that's at stake, and further, what that money might mean to your opponent versus what that money might mean to YOU. A $40,000 pay jump might mean his ENTIRE LIFE to your opponent, where it might mean a week of buy-ins for you. You should absolutely be paying attention to EVERYTHING in this aspect if you want to be a first-rate player. This is just bad advice by someone who should know better and you're getting beat up about it because it's stupid advice.

  4. Benc really don’t care about ICM because he can afford to lose 100k an be fine a lot of us don’t have that luxury, I’ve definitely seen you make a bluff on the river when the villain had the nut flush, an icm was in full affect

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