This Simple Flush Draw Strategy TRIPLED My Winnings

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This is the easy flush draw strategy that has tripled my winnings lately. Try out this flush draw strategy for yourself.

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This Simple Flush Draw Strategy TRIPLED My Winnings

10 thoughts on “This Simple Flush Draw Strategy TRIPLED My Winnings

  1. Have you tried this flush draw strategy? Also, here is the easy bluffing technique that you should also try out:

  2. Having read a lot of comments I think you need to put "I am playing against a TAG" in big flashing colours across the whole screen. Those of you saying my opponent's always do x or never do y, are not labelling other players at their table. Against the correct player you will get enough folds, and sometimes they call and you hit. Against a fish who over values their hand and never folds you call flop and turn and 5x the pot on the river, if you hit, to get paid big, why not if they are never folding 😉 Although these players exist I think you will find them rarer than you think.

  3. I have actually done this for years and won several hands after the flop or turn, betting and raising the nut flush draws. Most of the time, people with nothing or only one pair will fold after you raise them or bet strong on the flop. If not, and you continue being aggressive on the turn, and they haven't hit two pairs or don't have a set, they get out.

  4. Thank you, Nathan
    This strategy works, I tried before, but it is too risky to keep doing in california because too many players are calling stations post flop. I pick up very carefully against who to apply this strategy. I love one big thing about your teaching is value bet, extract maximum value from the hand. And that I've been doing. Works great for me.
    I know you mentioned before different casinos works, different strategy, same with website. Some casinos have more tight players other has to many loose players.

  5. What if they call flop and turn and then you miss and your stuck with ace high and put most your chips in ? I'm so bad at hitting flushes straights etc and people so often call and I never know what to do ?

  6. Already raising a lot especially with Max outs against the loosest Ag players. I've sent them packing doing this many times. It works well of course.
    Second section, doing that also. But you reminded me to mix it up more. Thank You! Good stuff.

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