TIP Of The WEEK: RANGES #shorts

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For our first ever Tip Of The Week, we discuss the importance of paying attention to your opponent’s ranges.


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TIP Of The WEEK: RANGES #shorts

5 thoughts on “TIP Of The WEEK: RANGES #shorts

  1. Yes. That's why I like checking back dry 9 high flops as the preflop aggressor – if I have overpairs or sets I'm sitting pretty and can usually check and not be worried about scary turns. If I am weak I can try to catch something on the turn and still have credit for a strong range in case I want to bluff. But that's only possible if I always check dry 9 high boards as preflop aggressor.

  2. I'll take this advice into consideration. Since I started watching your videos, signed up for the free Pokercoaching account and studied all free content I've been getting way deeper in tourneys (regularly in the top 30 places (better than 30th) and a couple top 20(better than 20th)) and playing smarter. So far the free advice has been profitable, soon as I make enough to sign up for paid pokercoaching I will.

  3. Depends on the positions at the table too; in our early position example: say we are heads-up with a defending Big Bling. A dry 9-4-2 board would seem to better hit the Big Blind range than our early position open raise, so we should also consider factors like these before blasting away. Without the opponent knowing our exact cards, we are simply playing our range against theirs 🙂

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